Mortal Online F2P Cheat Sheet

This page provides a quick overview of the basic skills needed to level a decent foot-fighter/tamer on a free-to-play account in the hardcore MMORPG called Mortal Online. The information below is to get the most out of a free account in the game. You can PVE a lot of creatures, have a pet and cast some basic spells. This is a good way to get used to the game and to explore the world.

In PVP this build is only useful as a support role, where you can heal allies and your pet, and cast the odd spell to provide extra damage.

Character race choice

Thursar, Thursar | Sidion Khurite

Character attribute assignment

Age 23

117 str
93 dex
113 con
10 int
10 psyche

This will achieve the following:

25% damage bonus when stout. 23% + 2% = 25% damage bonus when stout
238 max speed -> same speed as a regular Thur Khur foot-fighter
203 health
311 stamina

Skills to level and books to read

Note: There are 1100 skill points to use. On a F2P, each skill can only be maxed to 60/100. Skills can be learnt through action or by reading the book on it.

Any amount of secondary skills can be learnt as they do not use up primary skill points. The secondary skills worth learning on any character are Damage Assessment, Swift Riding, Controlled Riding, Feint, Subsisting and Combat Balance.

1) Axe/Sword (Or whatever weapon you want to use. I usually choose axe or sword because they generally do good damage against most mobs and are readily available for a few gold on the marketplace. For example, one of the best axes to buy as a F2P is a Riser axe for ~8g. Axes are useful if you want to be able to dismount players riding horses. Axes don’t tend to have as good hitboxes compared to swords though.)

2) Taming (This next so you can tame a donkey/horse to help carry carcasses for farming and riding around the map quickly. Some people will say anatomy to level next but if you can fight low level mobs well enough then its more useful and fun to have a mount to carry carcasses to start farming and exploring the map as soon as possible.)

3) Anatomy (Will improve healing done by bandages from 1-5 to ~20.)

4) Armour Training This will allow light armour to be worn. Sarduccan Guard (made of hornscale/silk, which can be bought for ~10g on the market) and Molarium armour is the best you can wear as a F2P with this skill maxed. Heavy armour training requires a subscriber account.

5) Ecumenical Spells (To learn healing spell for healing allies, pets. Can cast spurt for aggroing mobs, thunder-lash for attacking mounts and mind-blast for attacking players.)

6) Mental Offense (To improve spell damage and healing. For example, healing spell goes up from ~3 to ~15)

7) Advanced Creature Control (Increases your pet control points from 55 to 70. The more pet points you have, the higher level animals you can control)

8) Beast Mastery (To increase damage done by pet. This book and advanced CC can be bought from the Mage Tower in Tindrem.)

9) Reptilia Lore (Reading the lore specific to the animal you want to use as a pet will lower the pet points required to control it. In this case, reptilia lore for a Lykiator. A level 100 Lykiator, Sand Molva or Belbus use around 80 pet points so a strong pet will need the relevant lore alongside Advanced Creature Control. Note: Ideally a Lykiator should have 45 speed and 84 dex at level 1 to be optimal for breeding and selling. Anything much less will not sell well, but you are free to use less optimal pets for PVE. Buyers will generally only want the fastest lykes. Note: To tame lykiators so you don’t have to buy them each time, you’ll need to level the sub Reptilia lores, Ornitischia and Archosauromorpha.)

10) Mental Training (This is to learn the secondary skill Mental Focus, which is optional to reduce mana costs, and Concentration, which prevents cast interruption)

11) Riding (This can easily be learnt through action since you will ride a lot to explore and transport carcasses. Taming is another skill that’s not too slow to learn through action but it involves taming lots of low level creatures so I read the Taming book to ride horses ASAP.)

Skills to ignore

Aggressive stance and defensive stance skills. These use 60 points each just to mitigate 0-5% damage and deal 0-5% extra damage.

Finding and taming pets

An animal needs to be at least level 25 to be able to ride it. It takes around 30 mins for an animal to go up a level. It is worth finding one high enough level already, as opposed to waiting. Donkeys can be found south-east from Tindrem entrance (5 min walk). Springbok carcasses are just before the donkeys in a vineyard and are great for farming. 10k stack of Springbok carcass sells for 2 gold. Mongrel horses can be found south-east of Meduli (on the hill with a lighthouse). Lykiators can be found south of Meduli at the entrance to the Jungle.

Killing animals and cooking 10k of their carcass will increase the relevant lore for them. This is useful if you wish to decrease the amount of pet points they take up when controlling one.


To level up cooking, cook 10k of water each time. This is the quickest/cheapest way.

The cheapest way of feeding your horse/donkey is to cook 1 wolfbrush/dile with 1k of water to make a soup.

The cheapest way to feed yourself without going lean is to make pig soup. Using 3 parts pig to 1 part water, for example, 300 pig meat and 100 water. To get yourself stout over time (+str and -5 dex), keep buying and eating ambrosial pig.