Video Game Streaming FAQ

To save time and confusion. Here are answers to the most popular questions and misconceptions when streaming:

1) “xyz” video game is “insert genre here” but I prefer playing “xyz” video-game that is “insert other genre here”

For example, TF2 is a fast-paced team based FPS but I prefer playing slower, tactical based shooters like Insurgency and AA: Proving Grounds.

This is not me saying that TF2 doesn’t have tactics. I am saying I prefer playing games that are of the tactical genre. All video games have tactics involved, but it doesn’t mean they should all be labelled as “tactical”. With that logic, Candy Crush is a tactical game.

Games are given genres or “labels” based on what their core mechanics focus on to determine their game-play. For example, the fundamentals of a tactical shooter tend to involve having to move slowly and use iron sights to maintain accuracy. “Run and gun” shooters are games where the main mode of combat involves running 20 miles an hour and hip-firing without much consequence to accuracy. These types of games are Quake, Unreal Tournament and TF2.

Genres help us find other games that are similar to our tastes and to give us an idea of what it’s like before we buy them.

Genres exist to differentiate between products in the same industry, not to stereotype them. The same goes for music and books etc.

2) “xyz” video game is better at doing “insert game mechanic here” than “xyz” video game

For example, when I say I think the combat in Dark Souls is great, someone will come along and say it isn’t realistic and cite this as a reference This article is written as a joke and not to be taken seriously. Real life melee combat does not work in a game where you have to fight 50ft Tree Giants. It is a fantasy RPG game. Dodge-rolling exists as a mechanic to avoid getting hurt against a myriad of enemies, be them people or monsters.

You can refer to games such as Warband as having better combat but Dark Souls wouldn’t work with “better” combat mechanics that are more “realistic”. In Mount & Blade you fight other people using real-world weaponry, not giant lizards with two-heads and four arms. Side-stepping a 10ft wide fist from a 50ft giant would be just as ridiculous as dodge-rolling, you would die either way.

3) You spent “xyz” hours in “insert video game here” and you take ages to play games

Unsurprisingly, when you stream yourself playing video games, a lot of time is spent not progressing through the game. Time is spent chatting to people in Twitch, browsing the Internet and even crazier, being AFK while the game is open when not streaming!

For example, I have 26 hours in Dark Souls. I spent almost 10 of those hours messing about with a character that I re-started, then 3-4 hours with the game open while I was AFK and then another 2-3 hours standing in the town, chatting to people on Twitch, browsing the net. Even being conservative, I have spent at least 15 hours out of 26 not progressing through the game.

That means that around 11 of those hours have been me playing through the game. So far I am 1/3 of the way through the chapters in Dark Souls. This means that this game may take me around 33 hours to complete. Being generous, let’s say 40 hours, and that’s by someone who’s never played Dark Souls before and it’s gameplay is unlike anything else I’ve played before.

In short, if you think hours logged in Steam are a good representation of how long it takes to progress or complete a game, then you may need to re-evaluate why you take notice of something that simply logs the time of a game while its open.

4) You said “xyz” is better in “insert video game” than most other games

When I say “most” I don’t mean “all”. When I say better, it is an opinion based on experience. It is not necessarily right or wrong.