Hosting a LAN party

together-aloneSo you’ve decided to get a few people together to play video games? Read on for 11 pointers that will go a long way to making it a success.

1. Use Gigabit switches with Cat6 cables (essential for filesharing over the LAN)

2. Have at least a 20Mb Internet connection (because no one bothers putting Steam into offline mode.)

3. Provide snacks (crisps, chocolate, pot noodles etc). A kettle and a microwave will go down a storm

4. Provide energy drinks (Red Bull, Monster if you can afford it, or Sainsburys own brand etc. I don’t recommend Tesco, it makes a good laxative.)

5. Have alternative ambient lights (blue or red low-light neons around the room ceiling will give ample light for overnight LANS)

6. Host the LAN within a 3-5 mile proximity to a college/uni (This is actually the most important rule of all, nerds are by nature lazy, don’t make them travel far)

7. Host the LAN within walking distance of a fast food joint.

8. Take advantage of word of mouth advertising, Throw some monthly LANs, with door prizes and such. Find local gaming groups online that offer deals on overnight LANS. Find college gaming clubs/groups, offer them the same deals.

9. Have a small area with a couch and a projector (great for attracting anime and console gaming clubs.)

10. Sponsors! After 3 or 4 LANS of around 40 people, start talking to hardware vendors for sponsorship of your LANS (AMD, Antec, BFG Tech, Razer, Thermal Take, Jinx, CPU magazine, Crucial etc. These are all well known as LAN sponsors)

11. Use Norton GHOST or some other form of imaging software.