Solving Issues With A WooThemes WordPress Template

For a client I recently had to update their template to a WordPress theme called Delicious Magazine, which I bought at Theme Forest (


After downloading the zip file, I quickly realised that you can’t just go to “Appearance -> Themes -> Install Themes” and upload the zip file straight away. This is because inside the zip file is a folder for the theme, and another one for the theme’s license document. This means you have to extract the theme folder from the zip file and then zip that folder up and use that to upload to WordPress.


On initial install, the template displayed fine, until I enabled the Featured Panel gallery via WooThemes options screen. This stopped the whole website from appearing leaving me with nothing but a white-screen to look at. After enabling error logging, this error message appeared:

“A TimThumb error has occurred:
Could not create the file cache directory.”

After several Google searches and trialling each possible solution, I discovered the gallery wouldn’t work simply because it didn’t have a cache folder to write the image cache files to when creating the gallery. To solve this I created a blank folderĀ  called “cache” via FTP in the directory at “/wp-content/themes/deliciousmagazine/”. I then chmodded the cache folder to 775 so that the theme gallery had permission to write to it. Some discussions online suggest chmodding to 777 but this creates a security issue allowing any of the public access to write to the folder, so please don’t do that!

After resolving these two small issues I got the template up and running fine. I’ve logged my experience here for the benefit of anyone else who has the same problem and finds this post via a search engine (probably Google).