What is video-game streaming, VODs (video-on-demand), and why do it?


There’s a growing industry of video-gamers and reviewers who are taking to streaming as a way of monetising their online content. Streaming (or VOD) is slightly different to how money is made on Youtube.

On Youtube you make a video and upload it, then the more views it gets, the more money you make via advertisements.

Streaming is different in that as you are online being watched, you decide when to play an advert, and you make money based on how many viewers see the advert each time. Most of the money made is while actively streaming yourself, rather than uploading a video once, and making money on it afterwards.

When you finish recording a stream session, it archives itself onto the site (known as a VOD) so users who weren’t able to watch while you were online, can go back at a later date and watch what happened. This creates an opportunity for momentous videos to make the streamer more money as they can go viral through discussion boards and social media.

twitchThe most popular site for streaming is www.twitch.tv. Here you will see different video-game titles to browse where you can watch people playing in real-time. For example, visit www.twitch.tv/directory/game/League%20of%20Legends to see all the people currently playing one of the most popular games in the world, League of Legends.

Also, you can be notified when a particular person goes online by signing up to Twitch and clicking the Follow button on their channel, such as www.twitch.tv/phantoml0rd. This is a guy that I’ve played a few games with in the past. If you go to his page, you’ll see if he’s online playing or not. You’ll also notice a chat window down the right-hand side where all the Twitch users currently watching chat to each other. Chat usually revolves around what’s going on in the stream, asking the streamer questions, and discussing the latest news about the game being played.

Why stream?

Many of the people who stream are students or young adults with a lot of regular free time outside of their study or work. If their hobby is playing video games for several hours a week, they can try and make money while they do it!

league-of-legendsOf course, just playing video games and recording yourself is unlikely to gain an audience. It can take the best League of Legends players in the country at least several months of streaming almost every day before they have enough viewers to be in partnership with Twitch. And only when you have partnership do you get given the ability to play adverts and make money from them.

For Twitch partnership you need an average of 400+ viewers that watch you every time you stream! You also need to stream at least 3 times a week.

For an insight into the kind of effort required to make money from streaming, wait for the next chapter coming soon!